Paneer Butter Masala

Minimal ingredients, maximum impact with this simple paneer recipe.


Zucchini Noodles in Burnt Butter & Garlic Sauce

A nutritious and quick zucchini noodle that can be had as a main course or even as a salad.

Mohan Bhog

Food opulence at its best, with the subtle fragrance of nutmeg, pepper and fennel, the crunch of toasted almonds, the chewiness of golden raisins, and a toasty brown fluffy halwa, unctuous with ghee. Bliss!

Chicken Pickle

An absolutely yummilicious recipe, free on any sort of artificial preservatives. And super easy to make.

Dhaba Style Dal Tadka

This tastes just like dhaba dhal, with it smokey flavours and all. Try it and thank me later.

When Farzi meets Nizami at the Café

In keeping with its USP of a modern twist, and bringing back Indian cuisine in-vogue, Farzi Café’s Nizami food festival is here with a new spin on Hyderabad’s favourite dishes. A dal cappuccino, Maghaz tarts, Haleem Risotto and Irani Chai Brulee are just some of the fun (and yum) surprises on the menu.

Ragi Cookies

A quick-bake healthy alternative to store-bought cookies with the added goodness of ragi and rajgira

The Great Big Indian Night Buffet

Deori, the specialty Indian restaurant at Hyatt Gachibowli is back with an amazing makeover.  Go local is the main draw – right from the impressive décor, accents sourced and created by Hyderabadi artists, to Indian home-style cuisine.

Persian Platter

Discover the many flavours of Iran at the month-long Persian pop-up menu by Chef Anaida at Sodabottleopenerwala.