Dhaba Style Dal Tadka

This tastes just like dhaba dhal, with it smokey flavours and all. Try it and thank me later.


Mango Dhal ‪‬

Make the most of the mango season with this delicious sweet-sour-tangy dhal

Red Kidney Beans with Paneer

Who says red kidney beans and paneer is meh? Here’s a delicious way of getting your fibre and protein fix.


White Lentil Dhal

Did you know urad dhal (white lentils) are high in rich in iron, proteins, is good for the heart and has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties? Now that you do, here’s how to cook them.


Chole Masalay with Methi Bhatura

A foolproof chole bhaturey recipe that tastes as good as what you’d get at a fancy restaurant. Trust me.


Masoor Dhal Soup

Sip up some health in a cup!


Oil-Free Dhal

Oil-free, masala-free cooking, especially to soothe troublesome tummies! Moong dal with lauki, ridge gourd, bitter gourd and radish (optional), sheem (optional) Boil moong dal with all of the above. Dry roast mustard and fennel seeds. When they start crackling, add the dal. Mix in well and add salt and a little sugar to taste. Take…