Potato and Beans with Scrambled Eggs

All you need is salt & pepper to jazz up some healthy and wholesome beans, potatoes and scrambled eggs. How eggsciting is that!


Dr Seuss’ Eggs

My little niece was super excited when I made these for breakfast and wanted to know if Dr Seuss had brought them for her! Hence the name J These are great for breakfast, as a starter or even a party snack. Soak shelled hardboiled eggs in fresh beetroot juice (I used 1 beetroot for 4…

Steamed Mustard Eggs in Coconut Milk

Ingredients 1 tbsp mustard paste 2 tbsp grated coconut 50gm packet of coconut milk powder 2 eggs Beat 2 eggs well with a little milk. Add a pinch of salt, chopped green chillies, chopped onions, fresh coriander, some garlic paste, some grated coconut and about 2 tsp of mustard paste. Steam in a vessel with…