To B or not to B


There’s much of a existential conondrum actually when you’re contemplating Beer, Burgers & Barbeque at Sheraton Hyderabad’s latest food festival at Feast.

With Executive Chef Kapil Dubey’s smorgasbord of burger and BBQ options, you’re spoilt for choice. Vegetarians have soya ginger infused tofu, local spiced beans rancher, sun-dried tomato and basil white bean burger and Indian spicy aloo tikki burger. My favourite was the sun-dried tomato and basil white bean burger which just the right bite of white beans and sour of sun-dried tomatoes.


Meat eaters get to choose from Lousiana Style fried chicken slammers, chicago style pulled pork gringer, Nizami spicy lamb, fajita chicken and lemon-garlic burgers. The Hyderabadi in me went partial to the Nizami Spicy Lamb Burger.


The barbeque and grills have amazing marinades that truly augment the taste of the meats and greens they’re seasoned in. Must-trys are the rendang spice chimichuri marinades, chilli garlic lemonade and basil pesto lime marinades.

Explore options galore for the sides as well, other than the usual french fries and onion rings. Do try the chargrilled zucchini baby beans and sundried and olive crusted baby potatoes for healthier variants.


There are different beers to choose from as well to wash down all that B&B, so beat the heat and Feast on till 26th April 2016. Cheers!





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