Seasonal Tastes of Maratha

The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace brings to the city of Nawabs a cuisine from one of India’s grandest States – Maharashtra – an opportunity to savour the best flavours and wide variety – ranging from mild to spicy – of Maharashtrian cuisine.

Right up on the popularity index are universal favourites like Bhaji, Misal and Wadas sandwiched between fulffy Pavs (buns).

IMG_9350For the uninitiated, Misal is moth bean sprouts cooked to a gravy consistency. Interestingly, every region of Maharashtra has a unique variant of Misal – like the spicy Kolhapuri Misal, Puneri, Nagpur and Mumbai Misal. Not sure which derivative was served, but it definitely tasted finger licking good!

IMG_9352As I sampled these delicacies with some fellow bloggers, the pav bhaji and vada pavs got a thumbs up from everyone at the table too.

IMG_5114Summer coolers of Kokam Sharbat and Sol Kadhi complimented the more robust, and sometimes spicy dishes deliciously, and made for the perfect accompaniment to Kanda Bhaji (onion fritters) and Komdi fry (spicy fried chicken)IMG_5118

My favourite was the different types of fish fries –seer fish marinated with Koliwada spices, green chutney and mackarels fried crisp with North Maharashtrian masala.


As if these weren’t enough, I also sampled a fiery Kombadicha Sukka Masala ( Maharastrian dry chicken preparation) and Kalaya Masalayache Mutton ( Sweet & spicy mutton preparation). These two dishes are stiff competition for Telangana spice levels! But then the Pitla (gram flour curry) and Masala bhaat helped even out the hotness quotient.IMG_5116Desserts included Motichoor and Besan laddus, Puran Poli and Basundi. The Puran Poli with a rich filling of jaggery was a welcome change to the usual channa dhal stuffing that we’re used to down South.

This was my initiation into Maratha cuisine, or rather a clearer understanding of what comprises Maratha cuisine. Have tried some of the dishes, but didn’t really know they originated in Maharasthra. Definitely going to treat my taste buds to more dishes from this region.

If these pictures and descriptions have piqued your interest, then head to this Maratha Delight at Seasonal Tastes. You can sample these unique dishes till Wednesday 13th April for both lunch and dinner.

As  Maharashtrians would say, Ruchkar Jevan!



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