Tea, Dimsum and Then Some

The ongoing Yumcha promo at InAzia, Sheraton Hyderabad couldn’t have come at a better time. With day temperatures already in the 40s (deg C) these bite size treats are a welcome reprieve from the usual food coma-inducing rice and spice.

Steamed Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce

Traditionally a tea & treats concept, yum cha is more of an age-old Chinese excuse to get together with family, friends and colleagues. So imagine a loud and convivial atmosphere with a steady flow of dim sums downed with hot cups of tea as you catch up on what’s happening in everyones lives.


InAzia does complete justice to its clever tagline of ‘a lot of yum and a bit of cha’ with a varied range of siu mais (steamed chicken, vegetarian) steamed baos (filled with custard, barbeque pork) mai gais (sticky rice parcels in lotus leaf wraps), roasted duck and spring rolls.

An assortment of siu mais in chicken and asparagus and water chestnuts

There’s also an envious assortment of dumplings steamed to perfection with fillings of black fungus and asparagus, shrimp, chicken, snow peas etc. More than enough variety to make you break into a happy song of ‘You’re my dumpling, dumpling…’ What an idea sirji!

Steamed baos with BBQ pork filling, custard, and Sticky Rice Parcels in Lotus Leaf Wraps

You could choose to sample from three, five or seven varieties. Or if you’re in too much of a dilemma of what to eat and what not to eat, there’s also a set menu – a total ‘paisa vasool’ option, given that it includes 7 varieties of yum cha, 2 soups (for me, it was a spoon to spoon finish between the zicai danhua tang [seaweed and egg soup] and the shu cai suan la tang [hot and sour chicken] 3 varieties of main courses along with a stir fried noodles with vegetables and a fried rice with shrimp. And finally a tian mi mi (honey noodles with vanilla ice cream). Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention the Cha or coffee if you please.

Sil Arp – roasted duck with honey glaze and sesame 

Or if you’re in an ‘I’m off caffeine’ phase, try the Minty Mango or Berry Blast summer coolers. For a bit more zing, there’s an interesting Japanese Mojito with Bok Choy.

Japanese Mojito with Bok Choy, Berry Blast & Minty Mango
Impressive views of the city skyline for the 10th storey of Sheraton Hyderabad at InAzia

For dessert I tried the Crispy Date Rolls with Coconut Ice Cream and the Tun Tin Grob (coconut milk with water chestnut). Both were equally indulgent and pleasing to the palate, especially the coconut base.

Crispy Date Rolls with Coconut Ice cream and Coconut Milk with Water Chestnuts

Apparently dim sum also means ‘touch your heart’ and trust me, with InAzia’s extensive menu, you’ll have a hard time deciding what’s not to love.


The Yum Cha promo is on at Inazia, Sheraton Hyderabad till 26 March 2016.

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