Spice and All Things Nice!


Bangalore’s iconic Karavalli restaurant is giving Hyderabadis a taste of its unique spices at Spice Junxion, Taj Deccan till 9 August 2015. Chef K.V. Ramachandran is in town to do the honours and has been serenading patrons with his treasure chest of exotic coastal spices.

With over a decade’s experience at Karavalli at The Gateway Hotel, Bangalore, who better than Chef Ramachandran to bring the best of authentic tastes of India’s South Western Coastal cuisine. As any epicurean will tell you, the devil is in the details, and Chef Ramachandran knows that all too well. Perhaps that why he believes in using nothing but the best of bona fide ingredients – be it the smoked Kodumpuli (a souring agent) from Kerala, toddy vinegar from Goa, first traditional extract of fresh coconut oil, home-made clarified butter, organic jaggery or Kundapur coconuts.

Every item on the menu is quite a dish, but if I were to pick one must-try from each category, I’d pick the Coorg Fried Chicken for starters, Ulli Thiel (shallots in a roasted spice gravy) for the main course accompanied with Kori Roti (crispy Mangalorean rice rotis) and Ada Pradhaman (rice flakes cooked in coconut milk and jiggery) for dessert.

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