Savouring Flavours of the Mediterranean


At The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace, you’ve got the whole world in your plate. A delicious hyperbole, but it really does include all the European nations around the Mediterranean Sea and sands.

There’s Egyptian Shorba Adas, Lebanese Fattoush salads and Kellaj, Greek Spanakopitas (spinach pies), Spanish paellas, Arabic Shawarmas, Falafels and Umalis, popular dips like Hummus, Hummus Babaganouj and Muhammara; Turkish Baklavas, Moroccan Harira, French beef bourguignon, Bulgarian Bob chorba, Palestinian Mutabbal and Chicken Musakhan, Athenian Fassoulatha…. the list goes on and on and on. Add to that live grill stations in the evenings serving the choicest of meats.

This gastronomic feast is on till Sunday (14 June 2015) and with inclusive prices of Rs1421 for lunch and Rs1637 for dinner, what’s not to love. Burp!

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