Delish Encounters of the Mediterranean Kind


Imagine entering a souk, and savouring tempting street food sans the hustle and bustle. Here in Hyderabad, you can do just that at Encounters, Taj Krishna and sample these culinary delicacies from Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Arabia all under one roof.

True to its tagline Flavours of the World, Chef Nitin Mathur and his team have created a feast of Mediterranean delights.

There’s a wide range of hot and cold mezzes (appetizers). The Hummus samplers, Kibbe and Falafel were delicious.

The Sheesh Taouk and Chicken Shavarma are all-time favourites no doubt, but Fattir, an Egyptian flat bread (think fluffy pasty base ‘pizzas’) with halloumi, chilli sauce and peppers was a delightful change.

The desserts are sinfully delicious and oh so light, which helps alleviate the guilt of overindulging in them. Well kinda! In fact the B’stilla Au lait a sweet puff Fez pastry served with crushed almonds and almond cream was so light and airy that it was literally gone with the wind in the alfresco area! Baklava and Omali, both nutty options paired perfectly with rose petal and orange flower ice creams.

Souk at Encounters is on till Sunday (26 Oct, 2014). It’s a healthier alternative to the usual binging Diwali fare. What’s more, it’s a rare opportunity to get your fix of these exotic dishes.

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