Paranthas, Lassi Aur Baisakhi

What better way to celebrate Baisakhi than with a delicious harvest of paranthas at Arena, Taj Deccan, Hyderabad! Boti Masala Paranthas, Malai Cheese Masala Paranthas, Papad Mirchi Masala, the highly innovative and piquant Prawn Piri Piri Paranthas (this ranked the best for me), Murgh Kalimirch (a close second) and the Achari Mushroom Paranthas are just a few hit variations by Chef Sajesh Nair and his team.

Of course, there are also the usual suspects – Aloo Methi, Aloo, Gobi and Mooli paranthas. All these comforting circles of life are tawa fried in pure ghee (no, don’t even dare counting calories!) and are served with generous servings of kaali dhal and must have accompaniments like red onions, green chillies, pickles, yoghurt and mint kuchumber, a more than generous dollop of butter and lassi.

Ah and yes, the lassi. There’s mango, strawberry, chocolate, pista rabri, kulfi and butterscotch concoctions to choose from.

Would have loved to tell you more, but I slipped into a ghee-induced food coma after that sinfully indulgent second parantha! I think paranthas at lunch should come with a statutory warning of ‘Don’t Eat Paranthas and Drive’. Had a tough time keeping my eyes open behind the wheel. But plan to head back to Arena again since the festival is on till Sunday (19th April 2015).

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