Happy New Year You Lucky Goat!


While Chinese the world over celebrate the beginning of an auspicious lunar cycle this week, Taj Krishna has brought some oriental cheer to Hyderabad with delicious feastings at its specialty Cantonese & Sichuan restaurant, Golden Dragon.

Till 28 Feb 2015, Master Chef Hung Fong Ng and his team have put together a special menu showcasing traditional dishes usually made during the onset of the new year.

Some notable entrees were the Spicy Skewered Chinsui Prawns, Chicken Jiaozi and the Crunchy Water Chestnut Baby Corn Lemon Pepper. Specially liked the Seafood Seaweed Soup, a clear soup with prawns, spinach and seaweed strips, which was a perfect palate cleanser before sampling the mains.

The festival has an extensive menu with interesting new additions as well as Golden Dragon’s signature dishes. What’s consistent throughout the menu is the freshest of ingredients, authentic flavours and the most important feature of Chinese cuisine – veggies stir fried to just the right degree to augment its flavours, yet retain their colour and crunch.

Having spent many moons in Singapore, what I did miss though at Golden Dragon’s Chinese Cheer was a colourful Lo Hei / Yusheng to toss up for good fortune with family and friends, and Chinese New Year bak kwa. Well, I guess there’s always next year…

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