Chill with a Mid-Week Grill

If the weekend seems a long way off, and you need a mid-week breather, Taj Deccan Hyderabad is the place to be. Head straight to Syn’s Wednesday nights’ oriental grills.

They have an impressive range of Pan Asian grills – right from Dakkocchi (Korean chicken skewers), pandanas flavoured and grilled lemongrass chicken, Ikan bakar (Malaysian grilled fish), succulent satays, and Vietnamese grilled fish to Thai flavoured prawns.

There’s an appetizing array of authentic sauces and dips to compliment the grills. Specially notable were the garlic coriander and soya chilli spring onion sauces.

The salads were a tad spicy for me, but nevertheless delicious. There’s kimchi with more than generous amounts of chilli, which I’m sure is already a hit with Hyderabadis who have an incredibly high tolerance for spice; raw papaya salad, pickle cucumber salad, glass noodle salad and my favourite, Thai tomato basil salad.

Vegetarians have quite a spread to choose from too. The best, no, the bestest among the lot was the roasted sweet potato skewers in chilli plum sauce. Yum, yum, yum!!!

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