Dr Seuss’ Eggs

Dr Seuss' Eggs

My little niece was super excited when I made these for breakfast and wanted to know if Dr Seuss had brought them for her! Hence the name J

These are great for breakfast, as a starter or even a party snack.

Soak shelled hardboiled eggs in fresh beetroot juice (I used 1 beetroot for 4 eggs) for about an hour (or longer if you want a deeper pink) in the fridge. Adjust water accordingly so the eggs are completely immersed in the solution. Once you’ve got the desired colour, cut the eggs into 2 halves, remove the yolks, mix them with chopped onions, mayonnaise, coriander leaves, salt and pepper and place back in the egg white halves. You could even add chilli flakes or Tabasco if you prefer them a bit spicy.

So there, you have your protein fix for the day to keep you in the pink of health!

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