The Absolutely Oriental Golden Dragon


Taj Krishna, Hyderabad has a special menu showcasing the very best of Mainland China’s cuisine at its specialty Cantonese & Sichuan restaurant, Golden Dragon. Aptly named Absolutely Oriental, the festival is on till July 27, 2014.

Masterchef Shi Yuhane from the award-winning Chinese Restaurant Black Lotus at Taj Chandigarh helms the festival menu. He brings with him close to four decades of oriental cuisine expertise.

Masterchef Shi’s signature authentic creations are extremely pleasing to the palate as they retain the inherent flavours of vegetables and meats without overpowering with excessive spices or overcooking.

A definite not to be missed is the utterly addictive crispy wok fried honey chilli lotus stems and succulent shang dong roast chicken for starters. The vegetable talumein soup, a light broth with noodles and tomatoes was a welcome respite from the indianised versions dished out at ‘Chindian’ restaurants in the city.

Schezwan cuisine usually comprises of a liberal use of garlic, chillies and Schezwan peppers, and is tastefully presented by Chef Shi is his signature dishes like the Fish in Szechwan pepper chilli and Chinese vegetables in whole garlic and dry chilli sauce.

The spiciness of some dishes is balanced out with the simplicity of certain others like the fish that’s marinated and steamed in ginger garlic sauce, bringing out the flavours of the fish, and the slice chicken breast with gherkins in chef Shi style.

You’re spoilt for choice with the desserts. There’s the crispy Daar saan dipped in honey and sprinkled with sesame, an absolutely delightful date cream brulee and a refreshing jasmine tea tiramisu. It’s a tough choice rating these desserts in order of preference so I’d say go with all three, and indulge in a second serving of each as well! Xie ‘xie ‘ni

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