Synfully Delish Asian Curries


Taj Deccan’s Asian grill and bar, Syn, has introduced new Asian curries on its a la carte menu. Right from Ayam Bambu Rujak (Indonesian spicy chicken) to Malaysian Rendang, Bhutanese Emma Daji (pepper and cheese curry) and Sri Lankan Kadala Maluwa (chickpeas and potato curry), there’s a wide range of traditional fare to sample from almost all Southeast Asian countries.

The Balinese mushroom and lentil curry tasted very familiar, which is not surprising, considering Balinese cuisine is heavily influenced by India.

Executive Chef Sajesh Nair’s Roti Canai, quite similar to Kerala porottas, was the softest, crispiest and by far the best I’ve ever had out of Malaysia or Singapore.

There’s also an interesting range of sambals, pickles and keropoks that tastefully compliment your main dish.

The special menu is on only till August 6 2014, so head to Taj Deccan and get down to Synfully currying flavours.

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