Split Green Bean Tikkis


Soak moong dhal (split green beans) for half an hour.
Heat oil, add cumin, grated ginger, green chillies, drained dhal, turmeric and salt, and cook covered till it’s just about cooked (al dente) but not mushy.
Add chopped coriander and some lemon juice to the dhal.
Mash boiled potatoes; add salt, grated ginger, green chillies and chopped coriander.
Make a small ball of the mashed potato, fill with dhal and seal. Flatten and pan fry.
Serve hot with green chutney

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  1. eaternal says:

    Hi an offtopic question..
    How can I create pages in the same format as that of home page..
    For example…in appetizers category>teatime treats>you have three posts being displayed in the same generic layout as that of home page.
    I want to implement similar thing when i am creating pages for my blog.Can you please help?


    1. Hi Eaternal, I just use a standard template thats provided on wordpress 🙂


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