Parsi Food Fest

10295957_623069631124046_7274952517278763716_oLegend has it that when the Parsis arrived in Gujarat from Persia some 1,000 years ago, the Gujarat ruler Jadi Rana sent them a jug of milk filled to the brim, symbolically suggesting that there was no place for them in his city. However, the wise Parsis added some sugar to the milk and sent it back, implying that they would be accommodative without overwhelming the population.

Sample and savour this unique amalgamation of Persian and Indian influences at the Parsi Food Festival currently on at Firdaus, Taj Krishna, Hyderabad, till July 20, 2014.

My favourites from the gastronomic spread were the spiced prawns kebabs, Patra Ni machhi (Banana leaf wrapped marinated black Pomfret fish steamed with mint and coriander chutney), Sali murghi (chicken curry cooked in roasted onions and apricot gravy) and Parsi Kulfi, which is a combination of Parsi egg custard, sweetened vermicelli and Parsi style ice cream.

For more information or reservations, call: 040 6629 3306

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