Incredible Cuisines of India


The ongoing food fest at Kanak, Trident Hyderabad, brings together lesser known recipes of India – the ones that are usually savoured in the comfort of our homes. Thankfully not the ubiquitous butter chicken and naan or the done to death biryani.

We’re talking commercially lesser attempted dishes from Jammu (Khatta meat, Aloo Debarre, Ambal & Kyur) to crispy lentil snacks (Thattai) from down South – the kind that would make Rahul Mithaiwala andMeenalochni Azhagusundaram break into song about ‘Kashmir main tu Kanyakumari, North-South ki kat gayi dekho doori hi saari…..’

The branchild of Chef Manik Magotra every item on the menu reminds you of maa ke haath ka khana, whether you’re from MP, UP, AP or any place in between . Perhaps this is because the recipes are as authentic as home and hearth. Be it the Bhopali keeme ki seekhs, Aloo chokha with litti (ooooooh the smokey flavours of the aloo chokha!) or Kanika (sweet saffron rice) and Chenna Poda from Orissa.

This festival of fascinating foods is on till 30 Jan, so head there this weekend if you’re feeling homesick or want to sample something new. And get off your dumbphones and call home. Mom would love to tell you what’s cookin.

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