Garlic ‘n’ Fish Pulao


This dish has nothing else but garlic and the garlic has to be really fresh. It’s best to use fresh small pods garlic instead of the larger hybrid variety more commonly available at supermarkets.

Any firm white fish (I used Rohu)
Handful of raisins/sultanas soaked in water
2 cups of any pulao rice, washed and kept ready
1/2 cup of fresh garlic paste
1 tbsp. ghee
2 bay leaves
Salt to taste

Apply turmeric powder and salt to the fish pieces and fry them to a nice golden colour.
Heat ghee; add the bay leaves, all the garlic paste and raisins.
Fry for 2-3 minutes, then add the rice along with turmeric, salt and sugar. The sugar should be added according to taste. This one is a little sweet.
Add the fish pieces and fry the rice well till the fragrance rises, being careful not to break the fish pieces.
Add double the quantity of water, cover and cook till rice is done.
Serve with plain yoghurt/raita or some other chutney of your choice.

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