Saffron Phirni

A simple rice and saffron pudding to end any meal or even for a no-occasion sweet indulgence.


Tempered Yogurt

Elevate a bowl of yogurt to the next level with a simple yet effective tempering of onions and tomatoes. Can be served as a healthy dip as well.

Selamat Enak Sambal

It’s good to see Hyderabadis exploring new cuisines so much so that a group of restaurateurs have launched an exclusive Indonesian restaurant, named after the famous multi-purpose spicy sauce, Sambal.

Hyderabad’s Haleem XI

Meet the new H XI’s team that’s taking Hyderabad by storm – Gyarah Handi Haleem at Sodabottleopenerwala.

Mohan Bhog

Food opulence at its best, with the subtle fragrance of nutmeg, pepper and fennel, the crunch of toasted almonds, the chewiness of golden raisins, and a toasty brown fluffy halwa, unctuous with ghee. Bliss!

Chicken Pickle

An absolutely yummilicious recipe, free on any sort of artificial preservatives. And super easy to make.

Dhaba Style Dal Tadka

This tastes just like dhaba dhal, with it smokey flavours and all. Try it and thank me later.